24 Kasım 2008 Pazartesi

Ankaraspor: 0 - Galatasaray: 0

Fırtına kulübeye de uğrar diye çok bekledim ama...

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Adsız dedi ki...

çok manidar.

Juan y Fer dedi ki...

after the Fenerbahçe´s draw, Galataray should win the game...

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ultrANIL07 dedi ki...

Hello Juan,

it's good to see you here again.

Actually, you're right, but if Galatasaray won the game, the team would have reached the top a little bit. This season, Galatasaray had only one away game which was won against Kocaelispor. As you know, Kocaelispor is at the bottom of the table.

I don't know if you had a chance to watch the game, but I make you sure that there was a perfect storm on saturday night in Ankara. Galatasaray played against the storm in second half. And then, until the end of the game, the team always used the long balls. Unfortunatelly, Michael Skibbe just watched this stupid mentality. There's something wrong in the club, and it will be destroyed as soon as possible.

Regards from Istanbul :)